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Art show - Carole Snowden

Carole Snowden

I have spent the last three years studying Fine Art at the University of Chichester and completed my degree in May 2017. During the first two years I experimented with as many different methods and mediums as possible. I explored, played, tried, tested and sometimes cried, but, ultimately after all the trial and error, in my third year I reverted back to the medium I have always loved to work with, wax!

Encaustic wax is an old traditional painting medium which dates back as far as the ancient Egyptians and my love of it gives me a sense of the contemporary artist carrying the genesis of the old artists through to the present day.

My latest works are a combination of traditional and contemporary, using modern day digital technology I extract small segments from my original wax paintings and I transform them into incredible sublime images which can evoke connotations of volcanic activity, celestial nebulae or life beneath the oceans.

The inspiration for my work comes from the magnificence of the natural phenomena’s which are all around us here on earth and far beyond our world into the cosmos.

Carole Snowden

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Previous exhibitions…

Mikhal Brandstatter Photographymikhal 2

Mikhal has always enjoyed taking photographs, but only started making her work commercially available in October 2014.

Since then, Mikhal Brandstatter Photography has taken off: her work can now be purchased through various events, exhibitions and venues, through her website and directly from her.

mikhal 1

She captures anything that inspires her, and now usually uses her Finepix S8400W camera – although some of her ‘best-sellers’ are taken with a Casio compact, and others with various mobile phones.

She has not studied art or photography, and does not know much about photographic tequniques or technical aspects of the camera … She simply sees something she likes, aims and shoots. Over time, she is learning more, especially about ‘post-production’ techniques, although she presently only works with what is already there – using cropping and colour variation – rather than actually changing anything through digital means such as ‘photoshop’.

She is profoundly excited, inspired and energised by ‘visual pleasure’, and sees her

photography as an opportunity to capture and share the abundance and glory of creation.

Roger Hitchcockroger

Roger Hitchcock’s work is inspired by our mythic/mystical connection to the land which is a spiritual and ancient bond.”

He lives in the Dartmoor area and the magical, fantastical and ancient landscapes of the moors resonate with his
souls journey and feature in many of his pieces. Dartmoor is truly a gateway and a portal into the great magical realm of existence a shamanic landscape full of myth and legend. Therefore much of his work is inspired by the landscapes of the moors and its trees and ancient sites and the feeling which they evoke.

Diane Baileydiane

Devon based artist Diane Bailey is best known for her vibrant wildlife images.  With a degree in Design, a background in Zoology and an unremitting interest in animal behaviour, she brings life, personality and authenticity to the creatures she depicts. Using acrylic on board her work is fast and intuitive, but always balanced by strong composition and carefully observed details.

She has exhibited in numerous exhibitions and galleries in the South West. Her work has been selected by the National Exhibition of Wildlife Art; by the South West Academy; preselected by the Society of Wildlife Artists, London; and she was awarded BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year 2013 in the category British Mammals.

Ron Pyattron

“My work is located between the worlds of inner and outer experience.  It draws on both memory and observation and centres around landscape and myth.  It’s main aim being to re-represent wonder and mystery of nature.

My images are rarely preplanned.  I initially try to exploit the random, chance possibilities of whatever media I am using.  Then rather like a beachcomber I search through the work looking in myself for a sense of felt meaning.  I then work to bring out or enhance what I have found either with the same media or digitally or both.  This process may take months and involve many reworkings or be over very quickly.

Many of my digital prints exist only in this form they are not straight copies of an original and are printed using archival quality inks and paper.”

Paul Vachonpaul

“I studied illustration, photography and film at Kingston Upon Hull College of Art and then spent over thirty years in the design, advertising and marketing industry.  During those years I continued to paint but it was only in the last few years that I have been able to devote more time to this passion.

I am still developing a style but for most of my work I use a painting knife – I find this technique replicates the spontaneity, ruggedness and atmosphere of the local landscape and inspiration, Dartmoor.

I have also developed more abstract works, again inspired by the Dartmoor landscape, the rocky strata of the Tors, and the wilderness it evokes.”

Vikky Minettevikky

Vikky Minette has lived on Dartmoor for twenty years, during which time her relationship with the land has been the inspiration for her paintings and more recently her photographic work.  She became interested in photography while studying Fine Art at Plymouth University where she explored a variety of different creative media.  She has gone on to establish a unique style of photographic visual imagery concentrating on studies of water and producing original, often abstract images that stimulate the senses and imagination through their colour, perspective of light, natural design, texture and form.


Michael Jones

Michael Jones is relatively new to fine art and has only been painting, semi-commercially for the last three years or so.  He is qualified in Industrial Design, and specialised in Product and Furniture Design at Kingston University (BA Hons) qualifying in 1988.  Subsequent to working for a number of Blue Chip design consultancies in London, for the last 17 years or so, he has worked as a designer in the field of Motor Boat and Superyacht production.  For the last 11 of those years his work has bought him and his family to the South West, and has lived in the beautiful little village of Lydford on Dartmoor.  It is those immediate surroundings and those of the not too sitant Devonand Cornish coastlines, that he largely draws the inspiration for his art work.

He mainly works in acrylic, in a style that is becoming progressively looser, yet still retaining an accuracy to the mood of that particular subject.

Vincent J Blackwellvincent

“I am a contemporary artist born and living in Devon.  I believe contemporary art is an interpretation of intangible energies of consciousness made manifest as an aesthetic ideal.  My work is highly textured and consists usually of several layers of different stylistic forms that intermix to fulfil a composition.  I have created two original contemporary art movements, a moorland landscape based form named Superlatism and a conceptual abstract form named Systematic Syntheism.  I use wide range of tools to achieve my artistic intention, including brushes, nails, needles, sponges, palate knives and other varied devices that enable the fulfillment of the eclectic forms and visual dynamics my work is constructed from.  My art is influenced greatly by intellectual concepts that are present in a diverse range of academic fields such as quantum physics, oriental and western philosophy, Celtic and Norse mythology, the supernatural as well as mathematics, cosmology and various branches of contemporary sciences.  My mediums used vary greatly and include acrylics and oils (often of many different types), oil pastels, eco-friendly plant based paint, emulsion, stone, wood, chalk and numerous other mediums that intermix through a special, original, artistic, methodology to create the three dimensional, highly textured compositions I produce.  My influences include Vincent Van Gough, Dali, Pollock, Rothco, Picasso, Kadinsky and K.O. Gotz.  I have exhibited and sold my art in a variety of galleries in the UK as well as having sold work internationally.”