Food & Drink

We are pleased to advise that we will be opening for take away food and drink only, between 11.00 am and 3.30pm until further notice.

You can find our take away menu below or download it as a PDF.

Hot Drinks
Tea £1.60
Small Regular
Americano £2.00 £2.10
Cappuccino £2.10 £2.20
Latte £2.10 £2.20
Mocha £2.10 £2.20
Hot chocolate £2.00 £2.20
Luxury hot chocolate with cream, marshmallows and chocolate sprinkles £2.75
Chocolate or strawberry £1.40 £2.25
Extra topping’s 60p
Smoothies £3.00
Berry Burst
Acai Kick
Pineapple Sunset
Hullabaloo lemonades £2.25
handmade using traditional methods & natural ingredients
A selection of soft drinks from £1.00
A selection of beers, ciders and wines from £2.50
Spirits and mixers also available, please ask bar staff ingredients
Jacket Potatoes
Plain with butter £3.50
With beans £4.00
With cheese £4.00
With beans and cheese £4.50
With tuna £4.95
served with a salad garnish
Bacon Bap £2.75
Sausage Bap £2.75
Extra fried egg 50p
Cheese Bap £2.50
Ham Bap £2.75
Salad Bap £2.00
Tuna Bap £2.75
upgrade to a baguette £1.25
Toasted Sandwiches
Tuna and cheese £3.95
Bacon and brie £3.95
Cheddar cheese and ham £3.95
served with a salad garnish
Keralan cauliflower and red pepper curry £5.95
served with rice or chips VV
Burger £4.95
Beef burger £4.95
BBQ lentil and mixed seed burger VV
served with chips
Chips on their own £2.50
Cheesy chips £3.00
Cheesy chips with onion £3.25
Cheesy chips with bacon £2.50
Pavilion Ploughman’s
Choose from brie, ham or cheddar £5.95
Children’s Menu
Chicken chunks and chips £3.75
Sausage and chips £3.75
Burger and chips £3.75
Jacket potato with cheese and beans £3.75
Mini Ploughman’s £3.75
Small sandwich and crisps £3.00