Food & Drink

Check the board for daily specials!

Jacket potatoes

With butter  £3.50
With beans  £4.00
With cheese  £4.00
With beans & cheese  £4.50
With tuna  £4.95

Served with salad garnish

Baps & baguettesImage: Pavilion food

Bacon bap  £2.75
Sausage bap  £2.75
+ Add a fried egg  £0.50
Cheese bap  £2.50
Ham bap  £2.75
Salad bap  £2.00
Tuna bap  £2.75

Upgrade to a baguette £1.00

Light bitesPavilion cafe

Croissant with ham & cheese  £3.50
Welsh rarebit £3.50
Served with a salad garnish

Sandwich melts

Tuna & cheese  £3.95
Bacon & brie  £3.95
Cheddar cheese & ham  £3.95
Served with a salad garnish

Burgers / chips

Beef burger with chips  £4.95
Additional toppings  £.050
Chips  £2.50
Cheesy chips  £3.00
Cheesy chips with onion £3.25
Cheesy chips with bacon  £3.50

Pavilion ploughman’s

Brie, ham or cheddar cheese £5.95

Children’s meals

Chicken chunks & chips  £3.75
Sausages & chips  £3.75
Jacket with cheese & beans  £3.50
Beans on toasted bap  £3.00


Pavilion Coffees

Pavilion food and drink

The classic Italian coffee, short and intense with a very pleasant aroma and after-taste

A shot of espresso marked with a little foamed milk

Espresso topped with hot water. If you’d like milk, just ask us for a white coffee

One third espresso, one third steamed and one third foamed milk

Caffe Latte
Espresso topped with steamed milk and a thin layer of foamed milk

Cafe Mocha
Espresso mixed with chocolate, topped with a thin layer of foamed milk

A full selection of teas, coffees and soft drinks, plus a wide choice of alcoholic drinks from our fully-licensed bar.

!NEW! Hullabaloos £2.75
Ginger lemondade
Citrus lemonade
Original lemonade
Raspberry lemonade

Alcoholic beverages

Wines by the glass (125ml, 175ml, 250ml), single serve bottle (187ml) or regular bottle.
House red / white /rose

Beer and Cider

John Smiths

• Kronenbourg
• Bud/Becks
• Corona Extra
• Jail/Legend
• Doom Bar
• Wooden Hand
• Kopparberg
• Thatchers/Pear

Spirits and Liquers
In 25ml or 50ml shots and with/out mixers

Soft Drinks
A wide selection including Fever Tree Tonic, Red Bull